“Drain the Swamp: Conflicts of Interest, Lobbying, and Corruption Solutions to Restore Trust in Government that Works for Americans”


Today, the Center for American Progress released a new report to address the threats to representative self-government inherent in special interest lobbying, revolving door politics, corruption of public service, and lax ethics and contracting oversight, as well as the major danger of direct conflicts of interest. These solutions are a starting point to restore trust in government that works for all Americans—not just wealthy special interests.

The report comes after a presidential campaign that centered on political corruption and raised demands to “drain the swamp,” and at a time when much of the country’s attention—and that of members of Congress—is tuned into issues of ethics and conflicts of interest, especially as it concerns President-elect Donald Trump and several of his cabinet nominees, including executives of some of the largest corporations and billionaires who supported his presidential campaign. As the report notes, CAP research shows that far too many Americans currently share the view that government is run by and for wealthy and powerful special interests, believing that “a few big interests looking out for themselves” are controlling government.


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