“Poll: Americans support fine-tuning election policy”

USA Today:

A nationwide USA TODAY/Bipartisan Policy Center poll finds a majority of Americans support a range of proposals aimed at easing hyper-partisanship and building confidence in elections. Some command the sort of broad bipartisan backing rare in national politics.

Allow independents to vote in primaries? Yes. Require photo IDs to curb voter fraud? Definitely. Find an alternative to having legislatures draw congressional districts? Maybe. Vote over the Internet? Well, no.

And there’s this, which supports what I’ve been seeing for the last few years:

Republicans and Democrats have sharply different priorities when it comes to elections. By 54%-43%, a majority of Republicans say it’s more important to make sure no one commits voter fraud and harms the rights of legitimate voters. By 78%-20%, Democrats say it’s more important to make sure every individual who has the right to vote is allowed to exercise that right.


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