“Guest Post: Mobile QBs Challenge Defenses AND Voter Rolls”

Steve Kolbert:

Just over a year ago, the Washington Redskins drafted quarterback sensation Robert Griffin III (or “RGIII” to his fans). In that year, the star player has become a Washington-area sports and pop culture phenomenon for his on-the-field ability and his off-the-field character. He has even become the subject of two memes, further fueling his ascension from football phenom to pop culture icon.

But RGIII also did something this past year that even non-superstars do – he moved.

Moving is a fact of modern life, and a real concern for election administrators. Every election cycle, election officials face a flood of voters who, after initially registering, move to a new address without updating their registration. With few exceptions, voters may only vote if they are registered at their current address, so these voters are in danger of being turned away from the polls. Their right to vote depends on the flexibility of their state’s law.


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