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“DeSantis takes major step ahead of expected presidential bid”

Politico explains how a seemingly obscure move–severing ties to Friends of Ron DeSantis– is key to the viability of a presidential bid in 2024. Differences between Florida’s permissive campaign finance laws and the laws governing federal campaigns mean that DeSantis must distance himself from the tens of millions he has collected under state law in order to benefit from them during his federal campaign. As summarized succinctly:

“DeSantis cannot use money raised for Friends of Ron DeSantis in a federal race because state law does not limit how much someone can give to the political committee or the source of the donations. But that money could be shifted to a super PAC that backs DeSantis if the governor is no longer connected to the political committee.”

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The Republican Party’s Invisible Primary

Seth Masket, writing at Politico, shares results of his survey of GOP county chairs about their current leanings in the 2024 presidential primary.

“Overall, this survey suggests a group of party insiders that hasn’t made up its mind, but is growing more inclined to back Trump.”

This shift comes after “Trump sharpened his attacks against DeSantis” and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump. Masket analyzes trends in responses to periodic surveys designed “to track the ‘invisible primary’ for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.” The ultimate question is whether this is a representative sample of GOP county chairs or if those most likely to respond are also those furthest to the right. Of the 3,000 surveys sent to every county chair in the country, only 127 responded — compared to 187 in the earlier survey in which DeSantis was fairing better. 63 chairs answered both surveys.

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