“Candidate Coordination With Outside Groups Eased by Rulings”

Bloomberg BNA:

Congressional campaigns may find it easier to coordinate their messages with super political action committees and other outside groups as a result of Federal Election Commission decisions.
The commission dismissed complaints that messages posted on the campaign websites of Senate Democratic candidates Evan Bayh and Ted Strickland were echoed in television ads sponsored by the Senate Majority PAC, a Democratic super Political Action Committee supporting the candidates.
In another dismissed case, video footage shot by a company linked to House candidate Sean Eldridge was used in a campaign ad for the New York Democrat.
The cases could provide a roadmap to allow candidates to steer allied groups towards preferred messaging through selective public statements about their campaign needs….
The complaints were dismissed on a deadocked vote among the four FEC commissioners. Though all the candidates involved in the latest coordination enforcement cases are Democrats, the commission’s two Democrats voted to pursue enforcement action. Meanwhile, the two Republican commissioners voted to drop the matter.
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