Breaking: FEC Refuses to Act on Complaint Donald Trump Used Campaign Resources for Personal Use

Statement from dissenting FEC Commissioner Weintraub:

Trump hotels, Trump steaks, Trump water, Trump golf courses, Trump wine. The Complaint in this matter cites to an unprecedented catalog of candidate-branded products and properties used along the 2016 campaign trail. According to the Complaint, Donald J. Trump, his campaign committee, and his businesses used campaign funds and campaign events to promote the candidate’s businesses and enrich Trump’s personal interests, in violation of the law’s prohibition on converting campaign funds to personal use.

The Complaint alleges serious violations that merited investigation. For example, on September 16, 2016, Trump held a press conference at his newly opened hotel that was ostensibly a campaign event, but, the Complaint alleges, appeared more like an infomercial for his personal business venture. The Complaint contends that this campaign event, and several others, may have been used to promote Trump’s financial interests, suggesting a potential conversion of campaign funds to personal use.


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