“Fred Wertheimer is NOT Retiring: Celebrating 50 Years of Advocacy”

Congrats to Fred Wertheimer, celebrating 50 years of advocacy! I received the following release from Common Cause about an event tonight:

One of Washington’s most well-known advocates, Fred Wertheimer, will be celebrated by friends, media, and members of Congress Thursday night from 5-7 pm at the offices of Common Cause. The celebration marks Wertheimer’s 50 years of advocacy opening government to public scrutiny and making sure the people’s voices are heard in our democracy. Wertheimer is founder and president of Democracy 21, advocating for government integrity, accountability and transparency, and worked for 24 years at Common Cause, serving as the non-partisan government watchdog group’s president from 1981-1995.

But if there is one thing Fred Wertheimer wants people to know as he celebrates this milestone, it is that he is NOT retiring. He’ll address why the work of the democracy movement is more important now than ever before in his remarks at the celebration.

Wertheimer has been described by The New York Times as “the country’s leading proponent of campaign finance reform,” and “the dean of campaign finance reformers,” by Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne as “the eminence grise of the campaign reform movement” and by The Boston Globe as a “legendary open-government activist.” He was named as one of Washington’s 90 greatest lawyers of the last 30 years by Legal Times in 2008 and as one of Washington’s top lobbyists for several years by The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper.


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