Miss.: “Campaigning on your dime? Complaint over Hosemann stickers raises long-running issue”

Clarion Ledger:

Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Jay Hughes is questioning whether Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is promoting himself, rather than voting, with stickers being handed out at polls during Tuesday’s primaries.

Hosemann is considered a likely Republican candidate for lieutenant governor next year, but has not announced such a run. State Rep. Hughes, D-Oxford, recently kicked off his campaign for the office.

Hughes on Wednesday copied the Clarion Ledger a letter to Hosemann and an image of “Vote in Honor of a Veteran” sticker, which also says Delbert Hosemann, secretary of state and includes his office seal.

Hughes questions whether distribution or wearing of such a sticker inside voting precincts is allowed under a state law prohibition against displaying or distributing campaign materials within 150 feet of polling locations.


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