“Koch Flagship Dark Money Organization Received $48.7 Million Gift During Election Year”


A single donation accounted for more than three-quarters of the $63.7 million donated to the Koch brothers’ flagship political organization in 2016, according to tax records obtained by MapLight.

The $48.7 million gift to Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nonprofit “dark money” organization launched by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, was the largest of 122 contributions reported during the election year. Fewer than three dozen gifts that topped six figures made up almost 95 percent of the nonprofit’s total revenues.

Nonprofits like AFP are required to make their full tax returns — which include a list of all donations of more than $5,000 — available to the public, although they are permitted to redact the names and addresses of its donors. But the Koch-linked organization has repeatedly refused to release a tax return containing a redacted copy of the pages showing its donations.


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