Trump to Revive Voter Fraud Commission, Naming Roseanne Barr as Chair


After the embarrassing collapse earlier this year of President Trump’s handpicked commission headed by Vice Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to investigate purported voter fraud in the 2016 elections, the President is trying again but with a new leader, comedian Rosanne Barr.

Barr, whose reboot of the “Roseanne” television series about white working class voters drew record viewership last week, attracted the attention of Trump for channelling the views of core Trump voters. Trump has lately turned to television stars for leadership positions in the administration, but this is the first time he has picked a sitcom star.

Trump explained the decision in a series of tweets. One read: “Kris Kobach did not even know the basic rules of evidence when he tried to defend Kansas’s law to prevent hordes of non-citizens from voting. Sad!” Another read: “It’s not true that @VP called the last commission a ‘shit sandwich.’ Fake news!”

He explained the choice of Barr by tweeting: “Did you see those ‘Roseanne’ ratings? If she can reboot that show so well she can reboot the VOTER FRAUD commission figure out how many ILLEGALS are voting in our elections. Democrats support voter fraud and hate America. HAPPY EASTER.”


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