“Video of Kobach reveals details of private talks with Trump, members of Congress”

Bryan Lowry:

Video of Kobach’s deposition was screened before a small crowd at the federal courthouse in Kansas City, Kan., Friday against Kobach’s objections as part of a trial that will determine whether thousands can vote in Kansas this fall when the state selects a new governor…..

The video shows Kobach to be appear uncomfortable during some portions of the deposition, rubbing his eyes and crossing his hands as the ACLU peppered him with questions.

Kobach referred to the legislation as a “draft of a draft” and an “initial thought piece” about changes that would need to be made to the National Voter Registration Act to allow states to enact proof of citizenship requirements if the ACLU prevails in its lawsuit.

He repeatedly called it a contingency during the deposition.

Kobach emailed a member of Trump’s transition team a day after the Republican won the 2016 election that he had already begun working on legislation, including proposed changes to National Voter Registration Act based on his ongoing litigation with the ACLU…

said it referred to an “as yet uncreated amendment” to change the Act to incentivize states to adopt proof of citizenship policies, and that he did not discuss that item with Trump during his meeting.

“I think I may have discussed the general issue of aliens voting,” Kobach acknowledged during the deposition.

Kobach said that he didn’t remember if he and Trump discussed the scope of non-citizen voting in the country.

Roughly a week after his meeting with Kobach, Trump began claiming, without evidence, that he lost the popular vote due to millions of illegal votes.


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