von Spakovsky, of the Now Defunct Pence-Kobach Fraudulent Fraud Squad, Suddenly Calls for a Greater Federal Role in Elections

Interesting turnabout:

One of the most common arguments made by state officials in refusing to turn over voter registration lists is that the federal government has no business barging in and demanding states provide the information.

Von Spakovsky says that argument rings hollow given what states constantly do with the same information.

“The information we asked for is information that all of these states routinely sell to candidates and political parties. So why they think they shouldn’t give it to this commission looking at election integrity, I don’t really understand,” said von Spakovsky, who contends the federal government has every right to see the same records.

“The federal government is entitled to that information because those voter registration lists are what are used for federal elections, elections for Congress and the president. Obviously, the federal government has a right to that information,” said von Spakovsky.



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