VP Pence Distances Himself More via New York Times from Pence-Kobach Fraud Commission

In this Wines/Haberman piece, Trump Closes Voter Fraud Panel That Bickered More Than It Revealed:

Vice President Mike Pence, the nominal leader of the commission, was said to have never considered the inquiry a top priority, and Stephen K. Bannon, its most aggressive champion, had thoroughly fallen out with Mr. Trump, one person close to Mr. Pence said on Thursday. Clearly floundering, the commission had been destined to be moved to an agency at some point, the official said, so the White House decided to push out the news of its shutdown while the uproar around a new book about the presidency, in which Mr. Bannon took on the administration, was dominating cable news coverage.

Pence couldn’t run away from this any faster.


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