WH Official Calls Pence-Kobach a “Shitshow” as VP Pence Tries to Distance Himself from It


In the wake of the announcement, advisers outlined hesitation from within the White House for months about the commission.
“It’s a s–t show,” said one White House adviser to CNN, adding that the commission went “off the rails.”…
A source close to Pence said chairing the commission “wasn’t something that (Pence) asked for,” but that the vice president has a “workman-like attitude” about these things, and so he took on the job….
The senior adviser lamented how far down the road the White House and Vice President’s office had gotten with the commission.
“VP’s team, though, should have seen that assignment as a s–t sandwich and treated it like a book report,” the adviser said. “Avoid trouble, cite real instances of voter fraud, address structural and technology problems, make recommendations and move on.”
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