Breaking: Maine SOS Dunlap, Democratic Member of Pence-Kobach Voter Fraud Commission, Sues Commission in Federal Court

Add to the many lawsuits against the sham voting commission this new complaint filed by one of its own members, Maine, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap.

The law and good conscience require Secretary Dunlap to participate meaningfully in the work of the Commission; however, despite diligent efforts to gain access, Secretary Dunlap has been, and continues to be, blocked from receiving Commission documents necessary to carry out his responsibilities. Secretary Dunlap reluctantly undertakes this action in good faith to proactively pursue his rights and obligations in court, in an endeavor to ensure that he can fulfill his responsibilities as a Commissioner and in hopes that the Commission can salvage a process that, at present, risks becoming exactly the kind of one-sided, partisan undertaking the Federal Advisory Committee Act was designed to prohibit.

I’ve been critical of Secretary Dunlap being on the commission.  It does not deserve any legitimacy. But given that he’s on the commission, I’m very happy to see him calling this out.


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