“The voting commission is a fraud itself. Shut it down.”

Jennifer Rubin in WaPo:

Wait a minute. Yes, a partisan politician — did we mention he’s running for governor? — and lawyer who writes for an alt-right publication known for hyperbole, exaggeration and outright falsehoods is simultaneously leading a commission that has set out to find the impossible, namely nonexistent evidence of large-scale voting fraud. In an outrage-filled administration, this ranks near the top of the list.

Kobach’s article was thoroughly debunked when it was revealed that the out-of-state voters were college students and others legally entitled to vote. “The fact that he continues to stand by his laughable Breitbart column after its clear errors were mentioned at the meeting tells you all you need to know about this sham effort,” says Rick Hasen, an election law guru.

Things went from bad to worse on Tuesday when a memo sent by email surfaced to Attorney General Jeff Sessions from Hans von Spakovsky, a controversial member of the panel, that objected to seating Democrats or mainstream Republicans on the commission. Von Spakovsky initially denied seeing the letter (let alone writing it) but was outed when his think tank, the Heritage Foundation, sought to distance itself from a blatantly partisan initiative.


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