Updated: Someone at Heritage Sent Letter Urging Pence-Kobach to Keep Democrats, Mainstream Republicans, and Academics off Fraud Commission

Via a Campaign Legal Center FOIA:

Note the reference to “the white paper we sent you” and “the three of us have written more on the voter fraud issue than anyone in the country on our side of the aisle.”  How could this not include von Spakovsky and Adams?

Pretty sure the “white paper” referred to is: J. Christian Adams, Donald Palmer & Hans von Spakovsky, Best Practices for Achieving Integrity in Voter Registration 3 (June 21, 2017),

Update: von Spakovsky told a reporter he had no knowledge of the letter and does not believe he sent it. But Heritage confirmed he wrote it.

This is an old pattern with von Spakovsky.

Further update: See von Spakovsky Says He Did Not Send Email to Attorney General But to Others and It Was Forwarded. 


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