“Trump Voter Fraud Commission Poised To Double Down On Debunked NH Claims”

TPM Muckraker:

Gardner has since said that he doesn’t agree with Kobach’s claims, but argued that doesn’t mean he needs to step down from the panel, as he pushed back at the Democrats’ request.

“No, I’m not going to step down, and it’s hypocritical to ask me to step down as a member of a federal commission,” Gardner told WMUR. “Have they ever stepped down from a Senate committee or a committee that they serve on because they disagreed with someone on the committee?”

Even before Kobach began touting the New Hampshire claims, Granite State politicos of both parties were grumbling about Gardner’s presence on the commission, as TPM previously reported. The materials slated for Tuesday’s meetings that were posted by the White House aren’t likely to make them feel any better.

Jasper’s correspondence with state officials about the data are among the materials posted, as is the report on them that he released last week.

The stats are also touted on a slide show being presented by GOP commission member Hans von Spakovsky, who has a reputation for pushing misleading claims about voter fraud.

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