Mississippi Law Journal Symposium on the Voting Rights Act

85 MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL, NO. 6, PP. 1039-1478, 2017.

Voting Rights Act Symposium. 85 Miss. L.J. 1039-1393 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

George C. Cochran. Foreword. 85 Miss. L.J. 1039-1046 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

George C. Cochran. In memoriam: Frank Ruff Parker. 85 Miss. L.J. 1047-1052 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Delbert Hosemann. Not our grandfather’s Mississippi anymore: implementing Mississippi’s voter identification requirement. 85 Miss. L.J. 1053-1091 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Benjamin E. Griffith, Lauren E. Ward. The forbidden fruit of Alabama Legislative Black Caucus v. State of Alabama: racial predominance in redistricting. 85 Miss. L.J. 1093-1161 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Joaquin Avila, Barbara Phillips, Molly Matter. How a targeted triggering approach can repair the Voting Rights Act: Congress can eliminate the blight of voting discrimination once and for all! 85 Miss. L.J. 1163-1177 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Armand Derfner. How the courts keep ex-felons disenfranchised. 85 Miss. L.J. 1179-1191 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Tommie Cardin. Mississippi legislative redistricting in the new millennium. 85 Miss. L.J. 1193-1225 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Carroll Rhodes. Federal appellate courts push back against states’ voter suppression laws. 85 Miss. L.J. 1227-1269 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Steven J. Mulroy. Coloring outside the lines: erasing “one-person, one-vote” & Voting Rights Act line-drawing dilemmas by erasing district lines. 85 Miss. L.J. 1271-1304 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

C. Robert Heath. Applying the Voting Rights Act in an ethnically diverse nation. 85 Miss. L.J. 1305-1331 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Terry Ao Minnis. No longer invisible: engaging the growing Asian American electorate in the South. 85 Miss. L.J. 1333-1356 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Roger Clegg, Hans A. von Spakovsky. “Disparate impact” and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. 85 Miss. L.J. 1357-1372 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]

Hans A. von Spakovsky, Roger Clegg. Felon voting and unconstitutional congressional overreach. 85 Miss. L.J. 1373-1393 (2017). [H]|[L]|[W]


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