“Colorado secretary of state tells Trump election commission it is looking in the wrong place, suggests another data source”

Denver Post:

Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams told the Trump administration in a letter dated Friday that the state’s election system works well and that a blanket request for voter information isn’t an effective way to seek out fraud.

Williams’ nine-page response to President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission includes several recommendations to improve elections and suggests that it look elsewhere in its mission to uncover wrongdoing.

“While this data may serve a purpose,” Williams wrote in his letter to the commission Friday, “a single request for data that lacks the non-public data necessary to accurately match voters across states can’t be used to effectively assess the accuracy of voter rolls.”

Williams, a Republican, urged the voter commission to reach out to the Election Registration and Information Center — a 20-state group that maintains elections, motor vehicle, death, felon and other records and is maintained by member states’ agencies.

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