Beyond Words: J. Christian Adams Appointed to Pence-Kobach Commission

If you look at this list of people on the Pence-Kobach commission:



von Spakovsky

and now Christian Adams…

it is hard to imagine a list of people less credible on the issue of the extent of voter fraud in the United States, and who have done more to raise the scourge of voter fraud as a means to advocate for laws to make it harder for people to register and to vote. This is not a list meant to inspire bipartisan cooperation on fixing election administration. It is assembling a rogues’ gallery of vote suppression.

The only one missing is John Fund.  Maybe he’ll be appointed their research director.

There was another Democrat named today, Alan Lamar King of Alabama.  Never heard of him, which is the pattern with most of the Democrats on the so-called “bipartisan commission.”


(Here’s a bit on my run-ins with Adams.)


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