“Maryland argues Republicans not harmed in redistricting case”; Case May Be Postponed for WI SCOTUS Case

Baltimore Sun:

Lawyers deposed former Gov. Martin O’Malley, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Millerand House Speaker Michael E. Busch as part of the lawsuit this year. In transcripts of those interviews, made public this month, O’Malley acknowledged that part of his goal was to make the 6th District more friendly to Democratic candidates.

Though that was not a surprise — O’Malley was the leader of the state Democratic Party at the time, as well as governor — it was the first time an elected official involved in the process acknowledged what was widely believed. Miller and Busch both continued to say partisan politics had nothing to do with the redistricting.

In his motion, Frosh wrote that an effort to draw a better map for Democrats did not represent a violation of the Constitution.

“The only evidence produced proves merely that the mapdrawers intended to create a more competitive district, one that slightly advantaged Democrats without considering any particular citizen’s political conduct,” he wrote….

The Maryland case is being heard by a three judge panel. The court set a hearing in the case for July 14, and the judges asked both sides to prepare to argue whether the litigation should be put on hold until the Supreme Court rules in the Wisconsin case.

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