Calvin TerBeek Flags Remarkable Justice Alito Speech, Some of Which Defends Citizens United

Calvin at the Faculty Lounge asks: Is Justice Alito a Crit (or Just a Movement Conservative)? on “a rather remarkable speech Justice Alito gave at the Claremont Institute in early February received relatively little media attention (Mark Joseph Stern excepted).”

From the post:.

And in connecting free speech issues with criticism of the “media elite,” Alito echoes a conservative truism dating back at least to Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign, at the same time working in a defense of Citizens United:

Freedom of speech is not a prerogative of those in positions of power or influence. It is not the property of those who control the media. It is the birthright of all Americans. 48 Senators sponsored a resolution proposing a constitutional amendment that would preserve the free speech rights of the media elite but allow Congress and the state legislatures to restrict the speech of everybody else on any subject that came up during the political campaign, which is to say, any important social or economic problem facing the country.

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