In Time for Fall Classes: New 6th Edition of Election Law, Cases and Materials

I’m delighted to announce that the Sixth edition of our casebook, with new co-author Nick Stephanopoulos, will be available in time for fall classes. (For orders now, the ISBN is 978-1-5310-0472-9). There will be a revised teacher’s manual as well.

We’ve sent the manuscript to the printer for production, and I’m very excited about it, especially the revamped materials on redistricting and voting rights.  I hope you’ll consider adopting it.  Here are the details:

Election Law

Cases and Materials

Sixth Edition

by Daniel Hays Lowenstein, Richard L. Hasen, Daniel P. Tokaji, Nicholas Stephanopoulos

Forthcoming 2017

ISBN 978-1-5310-0472-9
e-ISBN 978-1-53100-473-6

2017 Teacher’s Manual forthcoming

Tags: Election Law

The new streamlined and student-friendly Sixth Edition of Election Law: Cases and Materials fully covers developments in election law through the 2016 election season, including extensive coverage campaign finance cases in the Citizens United era; emerging issues in voting rights and redistricting, including recent partisan and racial gerrymandering challenges; and challenges to new voter identification laws and other voting restrictions. It will continue to include perspectives from law and political science, and is appropriate in both law and political science courses. The extensive campaign finance coverage makes the book appropriate for a campaign finance seminar as well.

Complimentary Copy RequestIf you are a professor teaching in this field you may request a complimentary copy.

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