“‘Deep FEC’ Goes After White House Counsel Don McGahn”

Interesting Brad Smith at NRO:

If career staffers at the FEC are now attempting to sabotage the work of the commissioners — who are, by law, entrusted with running the agency — that’s frightening. The establishment of a Twitter group called altFEC that claims to be “the unofficial resistance team of the U.S. Federal Election Commission” suggests exactly that. Current and future commissioners may, quite naturally, see the staff as an opposition that cannot be trusted. It only takes a few such bad eggs on the staff to taint the entire civil service. Wherever these comments originate, the big clue that Cook and her anonymous sources are unserious is the nature of the attacks made on McGahn. He’s “a one-man wrecking crew,” “not going to be a truth-teller,” a “bomb-throwing enabler” — you get the picture. Yet conspicuously absent is any allegation that McGahn behaved unethically, failed to follow the law, or treated staff, investigative targets, or complainants unfairly. Rather, the sources offer the generic griping of people who did not agree with McGahn on policy and were frustrated by his success at the FEC.


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