“FEC member: I have the right to demand Trump prove voter fraud claims”


A member of the Federal Election Commission was defiant Tuesday after a nonprofit group said her request that President Donald Trump provide proof of voter fraud merited an investigation into whether her comments were inappropriate.

Ellen Weintraub’s remarks were in response to a letter sent from the Cause of Action Institute to Lynne A. McFarland, the FEC inspector general, about a statement Weintraub made earlier in February. Weintraub called on the President to substantiate his claim of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire, a call she repeated in her statement Tuesday….
The Cause of Action Institute is an independent group classified as a 501 (c) (3), meaning its work cannot be expressly political, and the group’s website says its goal is to ensure “the federal regulatory process is open, honest and fair.”
But a 2015 report from the Los Angeles Times connected the group with conservative megadonors Charles and David Koch, and tax records show the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity as well as Donors Trust are among its donors. Tax records also show contributions to the Franklin Center from Donors Trust, a Koch-affiliated group, and the Charles Koch Foundation.

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