“President Trump, with RNC Help, Raised More Small Donor Money than President Obama; As Much As Clinton and Sanders Combined”

New from CFI:

Small donors: After including the money from joint fundraisers, $238.6 million of Trump’s campaign funds came from donors who gave a total of $200 or less. This was 69 percent of the campaign’s individual contributions and 58 percent its total receipts.

As a comparison, Senator Bernie Sanders’ much-noted small donors gave his campaign $99.7 million (44 percent of his individual contributions), while Hillary Clinton’s gave $136.8 million (22 percent). Combining Sanders and Clinton’s small donors would put them just short of Trump’s $238.6 million (see Table 2).

The previous frontrunner was Barack Obama, who raised $218.8 million in 2012 (28 percent) and $181.3 million in 2008 (24 percent) from donors who gave $200 or less (see Tables 3 and 4). Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee in 2012, raised $57.5 million (12 percent) from small donors (Table 3).

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