“Two Weeks After Donald Trump’s Promised Voter Fraud Probe — Crickets”

S.V. Date for HuffPo:

Justin Levitt, a Loyola Law School professor and voting rights expert, said the order’s disappearance is not terribly unexpected. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this falls by the wayside for a whole lot longer,” he said.

Levitt wrote a 2007 report titled “The Truth About Voter Fraud” when he worked at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s School of Law. It found that the amount of actual in-person voter fraud was so small as to not present a significant threat of altering elections.

“It would be one thing if they did an actual study,” Levitt said. “There’s nothing like the tone of the proposal set up in the tweets. I’m enormously skeptical of any quote-unquote investigation that announces its conclusions ahead of the actual investigation.”


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