“FEC Draft Would End Socialists’ Waiver of Disclosure”

Bloomberg BNA:

The Federal Election Commission would end the Socialist Workers Party’s nearly 40-year-old exemption from campaign finance disclosure laws under a proposed ruling set to be considered by the FEC commissioners Jan. 12.

A draft advisory opinion (AO 2016-23) requested by lawyers for the party, known as the SWP, and its national campaign committee was released by the FEC Jan. 6. The draft would deny what previously has been almost routine renewal over four decades of the party’s exemption from disclosure rules. The party was exempted from disclosure of its donors and vendors due to evidence of threats to its supporters….
The newly released FEC draft regarding the Socialist Workers Party said: “The Commission concludes that the public interest would be served by disclosure of SWP’s contributors and vendors … and that the SWP has not demonstrated a reasonable probability that disclosing its contributors and vendors will subject those persons to threats, harassment, or reprisals.”

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