“Is Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General Pick, Trying to Paper Over His Record?”

Nice piece from Carrie Johnson for NPR:

Sessions, 69, returned his questionnaire to the committee amid little fanfare late last Friday evening. The former U.S. Attorney and Attorney General for the state of Alabama dutifully listed his employment record. But under a section asking for “any unsuccessful candidacies you have had for elective office or unsuccessful nominations for appointed offices,” Sessions didn’t mention his failed bid for a federal judge post….

And, one more thing about that questionnaire: Sessions was asked to provide the 10 most significant cases he “personally handled” as a lawyer. His list includes eight cases that were not listed in his 1986 judgeship materials, including four civil-rights cases. But those newly listed cases date back to the mid-1980s, something Democratic aides are casting as an effort by Sessions to belatedly “rebrand” himself as a civil-rights advocate. They also question whether Sessions did much more than attach his name to legal filings, a somewhat pro forma step for U.S. Attorneys.

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