FSU Law of Democracy Symposium Now in Print

Available here and featuring:

The Law of Democracy At a Crossroads: Reflecting on Fifty Years of Voting Rights and the Judicial Regulation of the Political Thicket, by Franita Tolson

A “Checklist Manifesto” for Election Day: How to Prevent Mistakes at the Polls, by Joshua A. Douglas

The Coordination Fallacy, by Michael D. Gilbert & Brian Barnes

Reining in the Purcell Principle, by Richard L. Hasen

Race, Shelby County, and the Voter Information Verification Act in North Carolina, by Michael C. Herron & Daniel A. Smith

The Nineteenth Amendment Enforcement Power (But First, Which One Is the Nineteenth Amendment, Again?), by Steve Kolbert

Quick and Dirty: The New Misreading of the Voting Rights Act, by Justin Levitt

Residency and Democracy: Durational Residency Requirements from the Framers to the Present, by Eugene D. Mazo

Contingent Constitutionality, Legislative Facts, and Campaign Finance Law, by Michael T. Morley

Legislative Delegations and the Elections Clause, by Derek T. Muller

Rescuing Retrogression, by Michael J. Pitts

Voting Is Association, by Daniel P. Tokaji

Kudos to Franita and the FSU Law Review editors for putting this great issue together.


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