Recount Roundup

ABC:  “Everything You Need to Know About the Election Recount Efforts”

CNN: “Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein defended her recount efforts Monday, even though she admits there is no evidence of fraud at the ballot box.”

Detroit Free Press: “Michigan presidential recount? Here’s what we know”

The Hill:  “Annoyed Dems Dismiss Recount as a ‘Waste of Time'”

New Yorker:  “The Recount Road to Nowhere”

NPR:  “Trump Officially Wins Michigan As Possible Recount Looms”

Politico:  “Clinton team shrugs off recount effort”

Salon: “Jill Stein sues Wisconsin to go through with vote recount”

Slate:  “Jill Stein Requests Recount in Pennsylvania but Has No Evidence of Fraud”

WaPo: “Jill Stein tries to force recount in Pennsylvania”

WSJ:  “The Recount Hail Mary”


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