Trump’s Campaign Manager Said She Misspoke About Poll Watching with the RNC


During MSNBC’s post-debate coverage that spanned into the early hours of the Thursday morning, Washington Post reporter Bob Costa remarked on something Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told him in the spin room about how the campaign was doing to crack down on “voter fraud.”

“She said that she is actively working with the national committee, the official party, and campaign lawyers to monitor precincts around the country,” Costa said, in a discussion about how Republicans were handling Trump’s rigged election claims.

While it was easy to see the contemporary ramifications of Conway tying Trump’s rigged election claims to the official party apparatus, Ben Ginsberg — the staid Republican lawyer who was also on the MSNBC panel — jumped in to bring up the decades-old decree.

“That’s a huge problem for the Republican Party,” Ginsberg said. “The Republican National Committee is under a consent decree that severely limits its election day activities because of some actions back in the ‘80s.”…

There has been some debate as to whether Trump’s actions already were enough to get the RNC in trouble, if he was interpreted to be an agent of the RNC or acting on its behalf, as Rick Hasen, a professor at the UC-Irvine School of Law, has posited on his Election Law Blog...

“The RNC does not work with any campaign at any level on so-called ballot security efforts and will not do so,” Lindsay Walters, a spokeswoman for the RNC, said in a statement to TPM. “We are completely focused on getting out the vote for the Republican ticket.”

Costa told TPM via email that Conway called him back later to tell him she was mistaken about the RNC’s involvement.

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