“FEC Must Investigate Unprecedented Violations of Campaign Finance Laws by Clinton, Trump”


The Campaign Legal Center today filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission alleging that three super PACs – one supporting Hillary Clinton (Correct the Record) and two supporting Donald Trump (Rebuilding America Now and Make America Number 1) – have violated federal election law by coordinating with the two major party candidates.

“We have been forced to file these complaints because a dysfunctional FEC has been sitting idly by as the campaigns of the presidential candidate of both major parties are involved in unprecedented coordination with super PACs in violation of the law,” said Larry Noble, general counsel for the Campaign Legal Center. “These are not minor or technical violations. According to the Supreme Court, unlimited campaign spending by wealthy interests can corrupt candidates unless totally independent of a campaign. Giving a large contribution to a super PAC that is coordinating with the Trump or Clinton campaign is the same as giving it directly to the campaign and buys the same direct access and influence over that candidate.”

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