Contrary to Early Reports, Sheldon Adelson Now Coughing Up $25 Million or More for Trump

Earlier I noted that Sheldon Adelson was giving only $5 million to a Trump Super PAC, only a small fraction of what he spent helping Gingrich then Romney in 2012.

But now Teddy Schleifer reports the amount is likely to be five times that:

Despite only publicly committing $5 million to what is likely to be the de facto Trump super PAC, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are pledging at least $25 million to pro-Trump presidential efforts, according to multiple people briefed on their donations. That sum includes giving to nonprofit group that will never be required to disclose his donations.

“I’m doing more than a lot of people think I’m doing,” Adelson recently told one top Trump ally. The casino magnate reportedly pledged to spend $100 million at the onset of the general election — a total some expect him to still hit, though several sources cautioned that the famously hard-to-read casino magnate can always change his mind should Trump slump.

Assuming this is correct, it will then be at least the third presidential candidate Adelson has backed with tens of millions of dollars (the first two nonetheless lost, a point I make at the beginning of Plutocrats United).

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