“Seventh Circuit Removes Independent U.S. House Candidate David Gill from Illinois Ballot”


On September 9, three judges of the Seventh Circuit granted a stay of the U.S. District Court order in Gill v Scholz. This means that Dr. David Gill, independent candidate for U.S. House, 13th district of Illinois, is now off the ballot. The U.S. District Court had put him on, on the basis that a petition of 5% of the last vote, combined with only 90 days to collect the signatures, is probably unconstitutional.

The three judges of the Seventh Circuit who took this action are Richard Posner, a Reagan appointee; David F. Hamilton, an Obama appointee; and William J. Bauer, a Ford appointee. Judge Bauer is not a full-time judge and will turn age 90 next week.

The 7th Circuit offered no reasoning for removing the candidate from the ballot. This too could end up before SCOTUS on an emergency basis.

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