“What If Trump Drops Out?”

I have written this piece for the LA Times. It begins:

Donald Trump has had a very bad week, picking inexplicable fights with the parents of fallen soldiers, with war heroes, fire marshals and even babies. It’s probably just wishful thinking, but rumors are now swirling that he’s sabotaging his chances because he doesn’t really want to make it to the White House, and will eventually drop out.

In the — very unlikely — scenario that Trump leaves the race, the Republican Party would have the chance to name his replacement. Here comes Paul Ryan, 2016! Or perhaps Mitt Romney Redux? But that’s easier said than done and would require some flexibility in the courts.

It references my work on the Democracy Canon and concludes:

Of course, some Democrats would just love it if Trump would drop out of the race even as his name lingered on the ballot. That scenario would certainly give their candidate, Hillary Clinton, an enormous advantage. But our democracy functions best when there is a fair contest between two or more candidates or parties, and the letter of election law, unless crystal clear, shouldn’t get in the way of a meaningful choice.

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