“Update on CREW v. FEC”


After obtaining more than 1,600 pages of internal documents from the Federal Election Commission (FEC)’s investigation of the dark money group Commission on Hope, Growth and Opportunity (CHGO) which make it clear that CHGO was created for the explicit purpose of influencing elections while evading disclosure, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a motion in federal court for judgment declaring that the FEC’s failure to act against CHGO violated the Federal Election Campaign Act.

Late last year, CREW sued the FEC for not acting despite the fact that the FEC’s own Office of the General Counsel recommended three times that the agency take action against CHGO for violating the law. The new documents reveal false testimony to the FEC, obstruction of an FEC subpoena, missing and likely destroyed documents and a previously unreleased fundraising letter bragging about CHGO’s purpose being electoral spending without disclosure…

CREW today released the 1,600 pages of internal FEC documents, which you can read HERE

Click HERE to read the motion, HERE for the lawsuit and HERE for the original complaint

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