“Democratic voters refuse to believe the worst about Hillary Clinton”

Smart Greg Sargent piece:

But my strong suspicion is that Clinton’s reliance on corporate money and her Wall Street speeches are not actually deal-breakers, in and of themselves, for many Democratic voters. Judging by the fact that Clinton has won far more popular votes than Sanders has — and appears to be on track to winning the nomination — many Democratic voters believe Clinton when she claims her economic policy positions are not directly shaped by Wall Street cash. Or perhaps they agree with Clinton when she says that the next president will also have to battle a host of other problems beyond the plutocracy’s continued grip on our political system — such as bigotry, discrimination, and the ideological entrenchment of the GOP — and that she’s better equipped to do that.

Clinton would be well served if she more directly engaged on the question of why she is immune to the corrupting potential of big money that Democrats have long decried, and how she squares that with her continued opposition toCitizens United. But right now, it doesn’t look like this dispute will be enough to derail her.


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