Krishnakumar Remembrance of Beth Garrett

From Anita Krishnakumar:

Beth was an absolute gem.  She was a powerhouse – but a delightful, charming, generous powerhouse.  She was of course an incredible intellect, but what I remember most about her was her unflagging energy, her good humor, and her willingness to help out those, like me, who looked up to and admired her.  I first met Beth because I published a student article in the Harvard Journal on Legislation that happened to end up in the same issue as her wonderful, much better, article, Rethinking the Structures of Decisionmaking in the Federal Budget Process.  Beth read my student article, reached out to me and, characteristically, offered to read other papers I might be working on, ended up giving me advice about going on the teaching market and inviting me to a conference – actually two conferences – about the federal budget process over the years.  She was, as so many others have attested, extremely generous with her time and encouragement, as well as with her insights.  I am afraid that I ultimately disappointed Beth by abandoning the budget process as a topic and starting to write about trends in statutory interpretation instead (something she once lamented good-naturedly to me).  Despite that chiding, I will very much miss her, as I know so many others will as well.  May she rest in peace.


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