Listen to Podcast with Avi Green on Plutocrats United

Avi talks to me about money in politics and the Supreme Court for the Scholars’ Strategy Network podcast, “No Jargon.” Listen to “Episode 21: Big Money, Big Power.”

Episode 21: Big Money, Big Power
February 15, 2016

Professor Rick Hasen explores why a few wealthy Americans have most of the influence in U.S. politics – and how changing the Supreme Court is the best way to fix that. Hasen is a Professor of Law and Political Science at University of California, Irvine.

Learn more in Hasen’s new book, Plutocrats United, or in his New York Times article. Read his take on Justice Scalia’s passing on the Election Law Blog. Follow him on Twitter @RickHasenand on his podcast, the ELB Podcast.

For more on money in politics, read Why Campaign Finance Reforms That Weaken U.S. Parties Promote Extreme and Unresponsive Politics and Making Sense of the Koch Network, or listen to our very first No Jargon episode, “The Kochs, Americans For Prosperity, and The Right.”


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