AALS Section on Election Law Meeting

From Josh Douglas:

Election Law Professors,

Happy New Year (and happy presidential election year)!

If you will be at the AALS meeting in New York City this week, I encourage you to attend the Section on Election Law’s session on “Election Law at the Local Level.” It is on Friday from 10:30-12:15.  The panel description and speakers list are below.

There will be a business meeting after the session, where we will elect the Executive Committee.  I encourage you to take part in the Section!  If you will not be at the meeting but still want to be involved, just let me know.



Election Law at the Local Level

AALS Section on Election Law

January 2016 Annual Meeting


Although national election controversies grab the headlines, decisions made at the local level impact our elections in important ways – and even contribute to those national issues. Local and state actors play a front-line role in administering elections for all levels of government. This panel will focus on how local jurisdictions handle important issues such as ballot access, voting rights, early voting, Election Day processes, and post-election disputes. Panelists will explain how these issues relate to the smooth running of the election, and how they might impact the 2016 presidential election season. One panelist will be chosen from a Call for Papers.




-Josh Douglas, University of Kentucky College of Law

-David Schleicher, Yale Law School

-Jocelyn Benson, Wayne State

-Trey Grayson, former KY Secretary of State and member of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration

-Richard T. Ford, Stanford

-Hank Chambers, University of Richmond (Call for Papers Winner)

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