Some Evidence Justice Kennedy’s Order Could Affect Voting in Hawaii Election

In my earlier post on Justice Kennedy’s order today, I noted the potential for a kind of Heisenberg observer effect:

Here too, the argument for not announcing the results must be one concerned about the legitimacy of the election: announcing the results, only to have the election declared illegal later, could potentially undermine the voters’ faith in the process.

But how many people now won’t vote, hearing that the election may not be valid?  Doesn’t Justice Kennedy’s order itself affect the legitimacy, and potentially the outcome, of the election?

This AP report on Justice Kennedy’s order seems to confirm that supporters of this voting are worried it will affect voting itself:

Nai Aupuni, the nonprofit organization guiding the election process, is encouraging voters to continue casting votes, said Bill Meheula, an attorney representing the group.

“Reorganizing a government is not easy and it takes the courage and will of the candidates to take the first step to unify Hawaiians,” he said in a statement. “Help them by voting now.”


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