Coming in Time for Spring Classes: My Glannon Guide to Torts (3d ed. 2016)

[Bumping to top as this book is now available.]

I’m happy to announce the upcoming publication of the third edition of my Glannon Guide to Torts. This is a student mini-treatise with practice multiple choice questions and answers aimed at helping first year law students with their Torts course.

Here’s what’s new for the Third Edition:

·      New coverage of “lost chance causation”
·      Update on market share and “risk contribution” theories of liability, and related constitutional claims.
·      Analysis of new Third Restatement of Torts sections on assault and battery, and new rules on transferred intent
·      Analysis of new tort proposed in Third Restatement: purposeful infliction of bodily harm
·      Updated with new Supreme Court cases on preemption, and the now questionable presumption against preemption
·      New section on products liability post-sale duties to warn and recall
If you are an instructor and want to order this book as a required or optional book for your course, the ISBN is 978-1454846888.  It is not yet on the Wolters Kluwer page, but here is the Amazon pre-order page.
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