“Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the US Voting Rights Act”


Two Interventions published in August 2015 are now freely available online.  Read all the contributions on the Civil Rights Movement on ScienceDirect now – details below:

Interventions on the 50th anniversaries of events in the American Civil Rights Movement
Gerald R. Webster, Peyton McCrary, Toby Moore, Leah C. Aden, James U. Blacksher, Michael L. Clemons, Jonathan I. Leib

The legacies of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, fifty years on
Caroline Nagel,Josh Inwood, Derek Alderman, Ujju Aggarwal, Claire Bolton, Steve Holloway, Richard Wright, Mark Ellis, Priscilla McCutcheon, Katherine Hankins, Andy Walter, Kate Derickson


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