@Lessig Criticizes Bernie Sanders’ Rejection of Super PACs

The Guardian:

Clinton will also get help from the Priorities USA Super PAC, which is backing her candidacy despite a pledge by the candidate to combat “uncontrolled money” in politics, and announced Thursday that it has raised $15.6m – bringing the coffers of her campaign and its allies beyond $60m so far.

In contrast, Sanders, who rails against the “grotesque and obscene” concentration of wealth in America, has refused to have a Super Pac support him and is focused on wooing small-dollar donors.

Harvard University professor Lawrence Lessig, who founded a Super Pac to end Super Pacs, said Sanders’ renouncing Super Pacs is tantamount to “bringing a knife to a gunfight”.

“I regret the fact the Bernie Sanders has embraced the idea that he’s going to live life like the Vermont snow, as pure as he possibly can, while he runs for president, because it weakens his chances – and he’s an enormously important progressive voice,” Lessig said.

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