Renzi Speech or Debate Clause Case Relisted at #SCOTUS

John Elwood:

The other two rescheduled cases involve the Speech or Debate Clause of the Constitution. The first petitioner is former Representative Richard Renzi, who was charged with extorting private investors to buy land owned by his friend and business partner in exchange for a promise to support federal land-exchange legislation. In an outstanding petition filed in Renzi v. United States, 14-1082, Renzi asks whether the Speech or Debate Clause protects (1) legislative fact-finding by a member of Congress and (2) the actions of a member of Congress in developing, evaluating and drafting legislation prior to the formal introduction of a bill. Renzi also asks (3) whether a member of Congress can waive the protections of the Speech or Debate Clause only by explicitly and unequivocally renouncing them. His co-defendant, James W. Sandlin, a private citizen, argues inSandlin v. United States, 14-1083, that he should benefit if Renzi wins as they were tried together using the same evidence.

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