“En Banc Ninth Circuit Urged to Uphold Arizona Judicial Campaign Laws”


On Friday, in Wolfson v. Concannon, the Campaign Legal Center joined with other nonprofit groups concerned with the integrity of the courts in filing an amici curiae brief urging the en banc U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to overturn a three-judge circuit panel ruling striking down Arizona rules for judicial campaigns.

The three-judge circuit panel struck down Arizona’s ban on judicial candidates personally soliciting political contributions, as well as its ban on judicial candidates endorsing, speaking in favor of or campaigning for non-judicial candidates—but only as these bans apply to non-judge candidates.  In June 2014, the Legal Center and other groups filed an amici brief urging the full Ninth Circuit to review the ruling.  In September 2014, the court agreed to rehear the case en banc.


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