“Koch Brothers Plan to Fund ‘Several’ GOP 2016 Presidential Hopefuls”


The good news for Republican presidential candidates seeking to get a slice of Koch brothers cash is that the siblings, two of the world’s richest individuals, seem to be in a sharing mood.

In a Saturday interview on the Larry Kudlow Show,  a nationally syndicated radio broadcast, David Koch let it slip that the roughly $900 million that he and his brother, Charles, plan to lavish on the 2016 presidential race could find its way into the hands of more than one GOP contender.

“We are thinking of supporting several Republicans,” David Koch said, adding, “If we’re happy with the policies that these individuals are supporting, we’ll finance their campaigns.”

Let that last line sink in for a moment: “We’ll finance their campaigns.”  Not “we’ll support their campaigns.” Only a billionaire patrician could talk like that.

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