FEC Commissioner Ravel Reponds to My Post About Commissioner Goodman and Partisan Bias

Yesterday I posted a link to an article quoting FEC Commissioner Goodman claiming that there are many more complaints against Republican and conservative campaign finance organizations than liberal and Democratic ones. I offered three potential reasons for the disparity. FEC Commissioner Ravel has sent along the following response:

I think you did not mention the real import of what Goodman said on the record. The FEC acts as the arbiters of all cases that come before the Commission. The FEC itself makes no distinction – any complaint which is filed will be reviewed. So for the Rs to refuse to handle matters that relate to one side or the other for partisan reasons is like a Judge refusing to handle cases because he or she thinks that the docket is skewed because too many cases being brought against men, or democrats, or whatever other distinguishing factor that they wish to impose. This is at its heart turning the decision making into a partisan function, which undermines the basic function of the FEC.

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